Autumn Ellis

Autumn Ellis

Top Strengths:
Beauty & Excellence, Creativity, Humor

Autumn Ellis is a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. She specializes in taking a client centered approach to health coaching utilizing positive psychology and motivational interviewing; to help clients live their highest and best lives. Respecting that the client is an expert in their own lives, Autumn helps others by way of self-discovery to find what works best. 


As a mother of 20 years with four children, Autumn continues to be deeply passionate about educating her family and friends about health, wellness, and nutrition. She connects to what makes people succeed and believes in living a balanced lifestyle. Autumn is a self taught chef with a strong creative side. She is open-minded, enjoys connection with nature and has a great sense of humor! Autumn is also a certified Group Fitness and Yoga instructor of 8 years. She’s helped many accomplish what they could never have imagined possible and enjoys being a part of their personal journey. 


  • Nutrition / Hydration 
  • Joyful Movement / Exercise
  • Sleep / Rest and Repair
  • Mindfulness and Gratitude
  • Connection

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