The Science of Lifestyle Change

The Science of Lifestyle Change

You can have the best laid plan yet never take a single step: 

  • New Year’s Resolutions that don’t make it to February
  • Forsaken stress-management and sleep strategies
  • Fitness equipment collecting dust

Being healthy may feel overwhelming.

And, it’s not because you’re undisciplined, lazy or weak. You just don’t know the science of change.

“In order to change your behavior, the first thing you need to change is your mind.” Drs. James and Janice Prochaska, PhD

Research shows that there is a predictable pattern to change.

In each step there are strategies that can propel you toward improving your health and wellbeing.

If being healthy feels like pushing a boulder up a hill, then you’re not using the right tools.

Health coaches set the tone and help you unlock motivation.

Through coaching, you uncover the inner resources needed for flourishing health and wellbeing.

Health coaches help you talk yourself into change so you can move one step closer to the wellness you’re seeking.

Get healthy with help. Health Coach Collective Online Functional Medicine Coaching

No matter where you find yourself, you can move closer to your ideal vision of health.

You may feel really ready to change. Or, the mere thought may make you roll your eyes or hide under the covers.

A health coach is an ally for when you find yourself…

  • Fearful of failing.
  • Unconvinced changing matters.
  • Frustrated to be back at square one.
  • Nervous about what you might lose.
  • Excited but scattered on how to begin.

Change is a process.

A health coach assesses your readiness and helps you uncover your inner strengths. These are the keys to reaching new heights in health and wellness.

Get healthy, with help. 

Why walk your health journey alone? A health coach is your guide in behavior change. 

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