Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Health coaches ask strategic questions to uncover motivation. This is the essential ingredient for change. Without it, you’ll find yourself stuck.

Find what and why you want to change, with a health coach.

Once you’re clear on the changes you want, once you’re grounded in why you want to change, you can accomplish what matters most. 

A coach helps you turn your strengths, values and dreams into action.

Coaching is not:

  • a sales pitch
  • expert advice
  • a one-size-fits-all view of health

Coaching is discovering what you most want. 

You may long for a greater sense of vitality.

More energy.

A feeling of deep refreshment, smiling at the morning sunlight after finally getting the good sleep you’ve been missing.

Coaching dares you to ask…what if?

What if…

  • you could play with the grandkids the way you wanted?
  • you had enough time and energy to do the things you love?
  • you could make that sale without your daily trip to the vending machine?

What one thing would you like to change in your life right now? How would your life be different if it changed?

Health coaches use the science of change to inspire action.