• What is a health coach?
    A health coach is a guide skilled in motivation, strength-spotting and behavior change. (There’s no prescribing, diagnosing or treating here.)
  • How much does it cost? How long are sessions?
    Start with a free discovery call. Reach out to your coach directly for specifics regarding price and session length.
  • How does health coaching work?
    First, contact your health coach and ask any questions. Next, schedule your first online session, submit payment and complete the needed paperwork.

    During your coaching sessions, you are in charge. Together, you and your coach will co-create a plan to make your health vision a reality.
  • What is functional medicine?

    Functional medicine seeks to address the root cause of disease and dysfunction. It takes an individualized, systems-based approach. It emphasizes preventive care and the importance of lifestyle factors in promoting health. Learn more about functional medicine.

  • Who might work with a health coach?
    Some people seek health coaching because they’re struggling to implement specific healthy behaviors. This could include dietary, movement, or lifestyle changes such as sleep and stress-management. Other people work with a coach to take inventory of their health and wellbeing. They want to discover what areas of health and wellness in which they’d like to grow in while working with a coach. Other times, someone begins health coaching at the request of a medical provider.
  • Will my health coach judge me for my current lifestyle? My goals seem so far away from my starting point.
    Nope. Everyone (including a health coach) has room to grow in areas of health and wellness. Welcome to a judgement-free zone.

    All change, no matter the size, starts as a small step. The beauty of coaching is that you’re in control of the pace at which you implement changes.
  • I’m a medical care provider. Can you work with my patients?
    Let’s chat. Contact a specific coach directly to discuss options. 

    Visit our page for medical professionals to learn the value of health coaching for patients.