Erin Monahan

Erin Monahan

Top Strengths:
Honesty, Self-Regulation, Spirituality

Following through on our dreams for good health is not an easy task. It requires patience, persistence and perseverance. For many of us, it also requires a partner — someone who can shine a light on our path so we can see the obstacles and opportunities in front of us. 

Erin Monahan is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. She loves partnering with people who have big dreams for good health. And she welcomes the chance to illuminate those dark places that often keep us stuck in a rut of poor choices. 

Like most of us, Erin has experienced physical, mental and emotional health challenges. She knows firsthand that resistance to change is strong and making excuses is easy: We’re too busy. We’re too tired. We don’t have enough money. We don’t know where to begin.  

When Erin finally got to the end of herself, she stopped making excuses and started seeking answers. That’s when she discovered functional medicine. 

Now Erin is using what she’s learned to help others. She helps people — especially women over 40 — follow through on their dreams for good health by promoting behavior change. She listens, supports, connects, guides, and encourages her clients. It’s all about them. There’s no judgement. Erin focuses on their strengths, helps them create goals, keeps them accountable, and facilitates their journey within the 5 pillars of the Functional Medicine Matrix:

✩ Sleep & Restoration
✩ Exercise & Movement
✩ Nutrition
✩ Stress
✩ Relationships

Change can be hard. It can also be a lot of fun. And it’s never too late to begin! 

Erin lives in the Midwest with her loving husband and cuddly dog. Her two kids have flown the coop to college, leaving her with more time to take long walks, read, go consignment shopping, and try new recipes.

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