Samantha Anderson

Samantha Anderson

Top Strengths:
Leadership, Love, Zest

Samantha Anderson has spent her entire life working to make the world a better place. She loves to listen, connect, and help people find their way to their authentic selves, dreams, and passions. 

She became interested in functional medicine and holistic healing on her own journey for optimal health. Samantha helps women take control of their health so that they feel empowered, embrace wholeness, and live without fear. For most of us, we struggle with changing our behavior—especially when it comes to health habits. As your coach, Samantha will partner with you to co-create new habits and transform your health. 

Samantha specializes in working with women over 40 who are experiencing the stresses of running busy households, juggling careers and family, and who want skills and tools to address these challenges. She knows a lot about this life as a working mother of three young adult children and step-mother to another three children!

In her practice, she focuses on five lifestyle factors that affect our health and wellness: Sleep, Nutrition, Stress, Movement, and Relationships— all of which contribute to a vibrant and healthy body. For most of us, we struggle with changing our behavior—especially when it comes to health habits. 

Samantha also is certified in the Bredesen Protocol, a science-based prevention and recovery program for brain health designed to reverse cognitive decline. For women who are concerned about getting Alzheimer’s, or have family members with the disease, Samantha can be your partner in ameliorating the symptoms and reversing the conditions that can cause the disease.

Samantha lives in Brooklyn, NYC with her husband and family. Her happy place is anywhere outside accompanied by her dog Beverley. Her favorite vegetables are Brussels Sprouts– despite what mean things people say about them–they’re good for the brain! 


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