Stefani Sheehy

Stefani Sheehy

Top Strengths:
Beauty & Excellence, Kindness, Love of Learning
Stefani is a lifelong learner of all things that contribute to a healthy and happy life. Stefani‚Äôs top character strength is the ability to appreciate others’ unique inner beauty as well as recognize and celebrate the efforts they take towards their goals.

As a mother of 5, she can relate to the challenges parents face as they try to implement positive nutrition and health practices with their families in this modern world. She is passionate about guiding the upcoming generation toward nutrition and wellness.

It was her own health challenges with autoimmune disease that lead Stefani on a path towards Functional Medicine and ultimately earning a certification as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. As a coach, Stefani can help you discover your own ability to create change within your life. She offers empathy, accountability and warm support on your journey to wellness.

Stefani currently works as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at Root Cause Integrative Medicine and is accepting new clients via the Zoom or FaceTime platforms.

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