A health coach is not an expert

A health coach is not an expert

by Amy Hadden Amy Hadden

Coaching is a young field. Health and wellness coaching is unique and sometimes misunderstood. When chatting with a potential coach, how do you know a quality coach from someone who just hung a sign on her door?

Here are some things to look for to ensure your health coach understands the coaching role. Having a professional who knows that a health coach is not an expert can mean a safe, effective coaching relationship.

Watch out for the “I’m a health expert” trap

Some health coaches began coaching because they really love their diet and fitness plan. They feel what worked for them personally should be the solution for the planet.

Or, they are so passionate about health that they want to tell you everything they’ve learned from the 500 books on their shelf. While education can play a role in coaching, it is not the central role.

Coaching should never feel like an infomercial, a health sciences class, or someone sharing their own health success story.

Coaching is about you and your goals. Period.

A health coach working in the coaching role will avoid this expert trap.

Find a health coach that knows about scope of practice

A professional health coach will know his or her scope of practice. Coaches stay in their lane. They don’t prescribe, diagnosis or treat. They are not doctors or mental health professionals or registered dietitians. However, a coach can be a valuable addition to your health and wellness team.

A coach can assist you as you implement the health plans from medical professionals or help you discover and implement the changes needed for a healthy life you love.

You are the expert on you

Health Coach Collective online health coaches go the extra mile to side-step the expert role and keep your hopes and dreams for deep health and wellness at the center of every conversation. Let’s chat!

Learn how health coaching gets you from point A to point B on your wellness path. Book a FREE discovery call with a coach of your choice. Ask any questions you may have. Discover if online health coaching with a Health Coach Collective coach could be your next step in wellness.

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