Get the Most Out of Online Health Coaching: 3 Essential Questions Before You Start

Get the Most Out of Online Health Coaching: 3 Essential Questions Before You Start

You’re ready. You’ve decided now is the time to write a new chapter of your health story. Before you enter a coaching relationship, there are important matters to consider. Get the most out of health coaching by exploring these 3 essential questions.

1. What brings you to online health coaching?

You may have a vague feeling that coaching is something you could benefit from. Or, you may have a very specific goal in mind. Wherever you find yourself, take a moment getting clear on what you’re thinking, feeling and wanting.

2. Why is now the time to pursue coaching?

What might you miss out on if you waited another month? What could you potential gain from coaching? If you imagined yourself starting coaching tomorrow, what do you think could be different in your life 6 weeks or 6 months from now?

3. What do you want to know when interviewing a potential online health coach?

When connecting with a potential online health coach, what information do you need to determine if it’s a good fit?

Consider any potential barriers. What would make online coaching a no-go for you? Is it a hectic schedule and so you need coaching on specific days? Are you looking over your budget and just curious about overall investment? Do you have questions about session lengths, packages, or cancelation policies?

Use these questions to get the most out of health coaching before it even starts.

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