COVID-19: Is There a Silver Lining to a Slower Pace?

COVID-19: Is There a Silver Lining to a Slower Pace?

by Angela Stich Angela Stich

In the midst of the global disruption surrounding COVID-19, millions across the globe are finding themselves with time on their hands. 

At first we use this extra time to clean the house, organize the closets, binge watch our favorite TV shows or lose ourselves in social media. Eventually we run out of things to do and we complain of being bored or we get anxious and depressed. 

But what if we saw this time as a gift, a silver lining around this cloud of uncertainty and hardship? We have been given an unprecedented opportunity to examine and evaluate the lives we’ve been so busy living. Perhaps we have fallen into thoughtless patterns in our relationships, our health or our finances. 

Now we have the time to create a new vision of what we desire our lives to look like when all of this craziness is over. We can make a plan and set intentions for a more balanced purposeful existence. Maybe you, like me, want to start an emergency fund and get a better handle on your finances, or perhaps begin working on your relationships or your health so that your immune system is functioning optimally. 

With all of this time on our hands, we definitely can’t use the excuse anymore of “I don’t have time” to begin to prioritize our health and wellbeing.

Whatever your vision, you can make it happen by taking advantage of this gift of time because as current events demonstrate, none of us know what the future holds. Let’s look at this time we have been gifted as a blessing rather than a curse. 

Best wishes to all of you!

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